BuilderDAO Community Resident

BuilderDAO Community Resident

tl:dr: Community is the core of all Nounish DAOs. This prop is to compensate the BuilderDAO/Nouns Builder Community Resident role (Prof Werder - Builder discord, Twitter and other outreach activities) retroactively and through March 2023.

Budget Request: 16 eth plus 2 BuilderDAO tokens (November: retro payment of 2 BuilderDAO tokens minted via proposal (or from founder wallet) for creation of the discord and BuilderBox spaces; December, January, February March: 16 eth (4 eth per month) retro payment plus March.)

How it started:

How it’s going:

Well…it’s been a lot more than anticipated!

The week that the Nouns Builder launched, I decided to launch my own DAO so that I could understand how it worked and to be able to help others launch DAOs. I created using Nouns.Build and then also launched a Notion Site where I captured screenshots of what I was doing (see I launched my DAO November 3 and by November 8, I created the Nouns Builder discord for those building on Nouns.Build. Soon we added BuilderDAO itself into the same discord.

The primary purpose – and one it has continued to serve – is as a spot for builders to get questions answered about Nouns.Build. I’ve been the conduit filtering questions to Zora support and making sure we had clear channels for that purpose. With Zaak from Zora on board just recently and with a more active presence in discord, this has become a bit more streamlined.

What started as a place for DAO founders expanded to become the center of Nouns Builder and BuilderDAO. The same week, I launched Just DAO it! As a Noun Square SoapBox which has evolved to BuilderBox and is currently the only consistent and continuous marketing for NounsBuilder and BuilderDAO.

In December, the DAO launched its first set of Prop House rounds which amped up the activity in the discord tremendously and created more work related to that including adding specific prop house channels and holding spaces for that purposes. During Christmas week, we were one of the few holding SoapBox spaces to ensure that those participating in prop house could share their props.

In January, David Kerr came on board and we started town halls for purposes of discussing some of the legal and organizational aspects. This has included holding weekly town halls in discord, processing recordings and notes, and keeping this organized for those who can not make the meetings and have questions. Again, this has led to an increased flurry of activity.

In February, the 2nd prop house led to some additional reorganizing of discord and ensuring channels were added for all funded projects. Throughout the month I’ve continued to facilitate the town halls and other requests.

What’s next?

Moving forward, I will continue the discord community through March and start to build additional value through workshops and other activities that I will facilitate (or organize and promote), along with other core team members. I originally was planning to submit a prop through May but feel a focus on an overall budget would be better. We’ve been bogged down with some administrative issues but I hope we can move on soon and start to make this a more builder focused environment where the promise of DAOs can help be fulfilled. What I’d like to focus on moving forward is:

⌐◨-◨ Stickier spots for builder tools such as notion, a website, etc

⌐◨-◨ BuilderBox Twitter to focus on promoting DAOs built on Nouns Builder and education around it

⌐◨-◨ Events both online and in person to promote Nouns Builder and help users

⌐◨-◨ Seek speaking opportunities at NFT events and podcasts to share Nouns Builder and BuilderDAO

⌐◨-◨ Work with other core contributors to create a DAO incubator series

⌐◨-◨ Continue and improve the discord as a central hub for Nouns Builder and BuilderDAO including adding auto-mod to answer FAQ’s

⌐◨-◨ Expand BuilderBox as a marketing piece by making it more valuable as an asynchronous piece as well via a podcast and audio clips

As part of this prop, and with the payments from this prop as consideration, I will also formerly agree to maintain the discord and will be working on a way to make that ownership accessible and shared. At this time I am the sole owner and this is a potential failure point so we’ll work to make this more decentralized in a way and I ensure that the institutional memory located there will not be lost.

I encourage everyone to search my name in the discord to get a better feel of what my activity has been, as well as BuilderBox spaces and welcome any and all questions.

Budget request:

November: retro payment of 2 BuilderDAO tokens minted via proposal (or from founder wallet) for creation of the discord and BuilderBox spaces

December, January, February March: 16 eth (4 eth per month) retro payment plus March.

Retro payment total: 16eth plus 2 Builder Tokens: to thenounishprof.eth 0xCEEd9585854F12F81A0103861b83b995A64AD915

Total: 16 eth plus 2 BuilderDAO tokens

For reference–Residencies in the Nouniverse:

For comparison, the Nouns Community Resident (Noun22) has been paid on average $32k/mo. or equal to approx. 20 eth at current eth price. I believe Lil Al’s residence at 7.5 eth/mo is more in line with what market rate is and should be, and I’ve come in close to that with an adjustment due to change in eth. See specific props below for additional information.

Lil Nouns

Lil dot (lil nounder): 6 eth/month

Lil Al: Resident (community manager) – 45eth/6 months (appox 7.5eth/mo) and 50eth and 4eth bonus


Fund design, engineering, and community contributors – 5.9 eth/mo (BrianJ, Noun22 and ???)

Noun22 core contributor (community resident): 62.52414 ETH over 6 months (10.42069 ETH per month)

Noun22 re-up: $32k per month for 6 months

BrianJ: 62.52414 ETH over 6 months (10.42069 ETH per month

Verbs: 2 engineers @ 10.4269 ETH per person per month (re-up: $37.5k per person (2) per month (6) paid in USDC or ETH and

Cdt residency: $175K* paid over 6 months in USDC which equates to roughly 8.5E/month by todays valuation. And

I think comps need to be in line with the job being comped.
I reached out to the community manager for Beeple and Xcopy’s discord.
Peter who runs the Beeple and Xcopy discord gets paid 2-3k a month respectively.
Cool cats pay about 48K a year for a community manager.

Screenshot 2023-03-03 at 7.38.30 PM
Screenshot 2023-03-03 at 7.38.49 PM

When we take comps for different jobs and apply them across the board that would be like comparing a lawyer to a QSR (quick service restaurant) employee, both are important but the jobs are vastly different.

I think we need to take that into consideration when we spend the treasury.

I do think there should be a retro reward for all of your hard work, and def some comp–but I think it should be inline with the fair market value of the job.

As Profwerder is not yet a member of Builder, I have offered to make the proposals in relation to her compensation. At this time, it is looking like it will be two separate proposals - the first, a proposal for retroactive compensation and the second, a proposal for go-forward compensation.

Profwerder has been very helpful in communicating many of the Town Hall issues to the community and I appreciate her service to the community.

Before submitting the proposals - I was curious to see if the community had any additional thoughts that should be taken into consideration and will be checking the discourse discussion for additional viewpoints.

Any form of residence should be factor of the dao inflow. Due to the legal structure of builder dao, we have overhead to keep the lights on if we continue to spend many x beyond what we capture via auction. I don’t see a future where builder dao has funds to continue operations into the years ahead, prof actions to set up a community meeting point is worthy of some retro, ongoing needs to be aligned with the total finance of the place

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Yeah, I listed some thoughts above–I would like to know what your thoughts are about them.

As I understand the current proposal - it runs through March and puts the onus on the community developing a long-term situation. I think there is a budgetary reality that Jarmen and a few other members have referenced on Discord and a market rate reality that you raise.

While I think the general compensation for community / discord roles is higher than I would expect, the comps raised by Profwerder are in line with my own personal understanding of similar roles. Beyond that, I think it is appropriate for a proposal to be raised for the community to make that determination themselves.

As a go forward role, I think the community and Profwerder deserve to have a discussion about a vision for the role going forward and what fair compensation means within the context work performed / time commitment.

But the really important part of all those I statements - is that my opinion is not really a relevant factor beyond putting forward a proposal for someone who has performed work for the community.

Looks like my earlier comment didn’t post – have posted this on discord as well. This prop is now only retro and for this current month. I agree and have said in discord that a bigger discussion is needed around budgeting and what this community resident position should be going forward. I also intend to put some things in place with bots, FAQs, automod etc this month to try and reduce the time that’s needed for the position. So at this time, I have no plans to put in another prop yet until a larger discussion of the position, budget etc.

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