Proposal - Decentralize Social Media Account Curation

hi everyone!

Some months ago, while on Twitter, I realized the absence of an efficient method to manage community-curated social media accounts for NFT communities.

This observation sparked the creation of Daolize, a platform that enables communities to collectively curate their social media accounts. Currently, we support Twitter, but are expanding to include Lens and Farcaster.

Daolize is free and user-friendly. Any community on Nouns Build could benefit from it.

I’m looking for community feedback. In addition, I think would be great if our solution could be incorporated into Nouns Build’s DAO pages, providing Nouns DAOs with a co-curation tool for managing their social media presence

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this!

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I would redirect this conversation to farcaster where you will get feedback and participation, if you need an invite, join the builder discord!